USA, cap toy, 1930s-40s


USA, cap toy, no date (1930s-40s), a little circular box, top is the reverse of a walker half dollar, the bottom is a spring-loaded trigger to explode the cap, galvanized steel, 35mm diameter, 19.5g, the top and bottom were originally glued together and need to be reglued if you were to think about using it. XF

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The astonishing things they used to do for fun. You were supposed to pick it up from where it was lying on the ground and it would go off in your hand, maybe burn it, or put your eye out. Ha ha.

Toys go back apparently at least 10,000 years. Little carved animals, let the kids play with them, keep them out of trouble.

Over the decades I’ve been selling collectibles my market has been about 97% coins, 2% paper money, 1% everything else.