USA Freya and Valkyrie silver medal


USA, medal, no date (2010s-20s), Obverse: female in chariot yoked to two wildcats, FREYA GODDESS OF LOVE, Reverse: female on horse R, VALKYRIE CHOOSER OF THE SLAIN 1 OUNCE .999 FINE SILVER, Edge: reeded, brushed and antiqued silver, 39mm, 31.1g, struck by the Osborne Mint for the Anonymous Mint, in capsule with certificate, Unc

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In Norse mythology Freya is the Goddess of love, war, fertility, sex, and other attributes. The Valkyries were like angels who came to get the souls of slain warriors and take them to Valhalla, where they could drink and fight all day every day forever.

This is a nice art medal. In the 2020s there are many high quality art medals being made by many private companies.

There are two kinds of things that are called “medals.” One is things that look like coins but don’t express a value. Sometimes those medals are considerably larger than most coins. The other kind of medal is a metal thing designed to be displayed on one’s chest, often a reward for something, often in a military context. If the medal is small enough it is sometimes called a “medallet.”

The word “exonumia” is used to describe all kinds of things that are “like” coins but are not coins. I wrote a blog post on that subject. Basic categories: 1. used like a coin but not issued by a national government, 2. looks like a coin but not made for spending, 3. other things that we are interested in.