USA large Columbian Exposition medal 1892}


USA, medal, 1892, Obverse: head Liberty L, 1892, Reverse: Columbus landfall scene, DEDICATED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN HONOR OF THE 400TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA * UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL * 1492, white metal, 76mm, 153.1g, only a single minor edge nick, XF-AU

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The Columbian 400th anniversary celebrations in the USA were extensive. It was a high point for the popularity of medals in general, and there are hundreds of Columbian medallic types.

There are two kinds of things that are called “medals.” One is things that look like coins but don’t express a value. Sometimes those medals are considerably larger than most coins. The other kind of medal is a metal thing designed to be displayed on one’s chest, often a reward for something, often in a military context. If the medal is small enough it is sometimes called a “medallet.”