USA, pog slammer, 1994, astonishingly crude & mean


USA, medal, 1994, Obverse: head facing between hands on bars, O.J. IN THE SLAMMER GUILTY OR INNOCENT, Reverse: car & helicopter, O.J. THE CHASE 6/17/94 COLLECTOR’S EDITION, Edge: plain, toothed like a circular saw blade, brass, 43mm, 30.64g.  A customer wrote this about it: This is a gaming chip called a “Slammer” used in the game titled Pogs. It’s an early 1990’s game where a person would stack up an amount of cardboard “chips” then use a heavier “Slammer” to hit the stack. Any that were flipped over were won, then play continued.  Astonishingly crude & mean, spots, XF

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Pog Slammer