USA NEW YORK Newburgh large Masonic penny}


USA, NEW YORK, token, no date, Obverse: river & cliffs, radiant triangle above, HIGHLAND CHAPTER No52 R.A.M.NEWBURGH, N.Y. INST. FEB. 1864., Reverse: apron on which K S H T W S S T, chisel L, mallet R, ONE PENNY, bronze, 35mm, 4mm thick, 28g, Masonic, edge bumps, XF

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Fraternal tokens generally were used as passes to get you into the meetings. If you were from out of town and you had your lodge “penny” it would get you to the local meeting for some fellowship and perhaps some hospitality.

A token is used like a coin but is not a coin. Rather, it stands for a coin without the value of the coin. Maybe its copper, but says its value is the same as a silver coin. Usually tokens were made privately, but sometimes governments got involved.