USA NORTH CAROLINA Good Luck 1920s with swastica}


USA, NORTH CAROLINA, token, no date (1920s), Obverse: A POLICY IN HOME SECURITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY GIVES SERVICE AND GUARANTEES SAFETY DURHAM, N. C., GREENUCK CAL., Reverse: swastica & good luck symbols, MEMBERSHIP EMBLEM OF THE DON’T WORRY CLUB GOOD LUCK, holed at top, brass, 32mm, edge bump, toned VF

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The hole was to put it on your keychain. The good luck stuff was the reason you put it on. I remember a candy store that sold dried rabbit’s feet with a loop to put on your keychain. For luck. Plus the insurance guy gets his name remembered every time the guy takes out his keys.

A token is used like a coin but is not a coin. Rather, it stands for a coin without the value of the coin. Maybe its copper, but says its value is the same as a silver coin. Usually tokens were made privately, but sometimes governments got involved.