VIJAYANAGAR Krishnadevaraya 1509-29 AD copper unit


VIJAYANAGAR, Krishnadevaraya, 1509-29 AD, unit, Obverse: Garuda running L, Reverse: legend, copper, 11mm, 1.6g, cf. MN913, barbarous, nonsense legend, probably 18th century imitation, VF

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The Vijayanagar or Karnata Empire came into being in the 14th century AD after a major defeat of the major southern Indian Hoysala kingdom by the Delhi Sultan. A Hoysala commander, Harihara, raised an army and defeated Delhi. Harihara proceeded to unite the Hindu minor kings, mostly by force, and expanded to control most of South India. Constant hostility from Muslim states to the north eventually destroyed the southern Hindu Empire.

The earliest ancient Indian coins were the “bent bar” punchmarked silvers of the Achaemenid Persians occupying Gandhara in northwest Pakistan. By the 3rd century BC coins were in general use in most of India and Ceylon, and in subsequent centuries struck round coins in gold, silver, and copper came into use throughout the subcontinent and beyond to Southeast Asia and Pacific islands to Java and beyond.