ZEUGITANA SICULO-PUNIC bronze (4th-3rd century BC)


ZEUGITANA, SICULO-PUNIC, minor, no date (4th-3rd century BC), Obverse: head of Tanit R, Reverse: horse R before palm tree, bronze, 16mm, 1.94g, SG6444v1, VG

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Siculo-Punic refers to Phonenician settlements in North Africa and Sicily in the classical Greek period. Most of the coins described as Siculo-Punic were probably made in Carthage, now in Tunisia.

Zeugitana was a region of Tunisia between Numidia and Byzacium. Carthage was the major city.

Ancient Africa developed several power centers along the Mediterranean coast from Mauritania in the west to Egypt in the east.

Ancient Coins includes Greek and Roman coins and those of neighbors and successors, geographically from Morocco and Spain all the way to Afghanistan. Date ranges for these begin with the world’s earliest coins of the 8th century BC to, in an extreme case, the end of Byzantine Empire, 1453 AD.