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This is Bob writing. I think we are trying to engage in commerce while rigorously striving for fair dealing.  As we all know from whatever experience we’ve had, this is really hard to do.  We get all of these efficiencies going, and we get some degree of price relief from time to time, but there is often in our economic activities stuff that doesn’t feel good in the transaction.  At Golden Rule Enterprises we are trying to advance in the study and practice of fairness.

With that in mind, we are selling products and services.

1953 Proof Set | United States Coins | Golden Rule Enterprises

Golden Rule Enterprises is concepted to be a new type of commerce which operates according to The Golden Rule:

Everyone Wins

No One Loses


We sell coins and various other things but not everything.

Most of what we sell is coins at the moment, and also banknotes, tokens, medals, and other things, mostly with the characteristics of smallness and not fragile, many with some amount of age to them. Also contemporary art. New product types are always being considered.


We buy, or attempt to sell on consignment, or place for auction, your coins, etc.

Obviously we can’t sell without buying, and we do that approximately as much as we sell stuff.  We buy from other dealers of course, but we also buy your stuff when you’re ready to sell it.  And there is a consignment program.  Details here.

We identify, appraise, and consult on values of coins, banknotes, etc.

We advise on preservation, conservation, investment potential, and other considerations relating to coins, etc.

We will look for and buy for you: coins, banknotes, and other collectible items, or bid on your behalf in auctions.

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