Terms, Conditions, Business Practices

Part 1. Terms and Conditions

Changes to Terms

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to change any of these terms and conditions without notice. Occasionally we will provide proactive notice, but please check this page from time to time, because things change.



Authenticity Guarantee

Everything guaranteed genuine &/or as described. If it is a reproduction or altered, it will be so described. If not, send it back. The return privilege on items sold as genuine that turn out to be fake or that were repaired and not so described endures until and if the business formally closes. Please use contact form at the bottom of your My Account page to begin the return/refund process.


No-hassle return in 30 days, no questions asked.  Refund will be made through the method you paid by, and will occur within 10 days of our receipt of returned item.  If returned item has been altered or there are other problems we will discuss. 

Payments On This Website

You can pay on the website with PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discovercard, or American Express.  We use 2 different secure payment processors: PayPal and USAEpay. There are, of course, other ways to pay, and we can explore those possibilities through personal contact. Please get in touch with us via our Contact page to begin that discussion.

International Shipments

Items are sent as merchandise.  Product description on the customs form will be minimum required to fulfill the need for correct description.  Value will be the value on the invoice.  Special situations occasionally apply… you can ask or we will tell you.  UNLESS THE PACKAGE IS FULLY INSURED, THERE IS NO INDEMNITY FOR SHIPMENTS OUTSIDE THE USA THAT DON’T ARRIVE.  Registration or other special handling is no guarantee of delivery with international shipments.  Historically, many customers in other countries have opted for lower cost, uninsured shipping, telling me they would “take the chance.”  We can discuss this. Please get in touch via our Contact page to begin this conversation. If there is a problem with customs on your end we will work with you by providing paperwork or emails to you for presentation to the proper agency.


You are welcome to ask for a discount and/or make counteroffers. We may or may not grant the discount or accept your offer. If we do not offer a discount this time, know that we might offer one the next time. So by all means keep asking! BUT asking for a price reduction will ALWAYS increase response time while we think about it.


We do not have an automated system that goes “beep” when we get something someone wanted. Instead, you can do 2 things to maximize your chance of getting something:
a) get on the email announcement list by asking to be on it
b) call or email us asking if we happen to have something or other. There are about 20,000 coins (and thousands of banknotes and other things) that are not yet shown on this website. We are adding them as fast as possible. Send a message via our Contact page to get access to that stuff.


Sales tax is collected for taxable items sent to North Carolina addresses. Coins, for now, are exempt.

We Do Not Reserve Stock Automatically

Your shopping cart will “remember” your preferences for 24 hours, but it is still possible for someone else to buy the items in your cart. The online store functions on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want us to “hold stock” for you, please contact Bob directly via our Contact page.


After you sign up as a customer we ask you if you want to get email announcements of website updates. The announcements may come to you from one of two possible emails: contact@goldenruleenterprises.org or bob.anythinganywhere@gmail.com. Please arrange to allow emails from these email addresses to be delivered to your inbox, not to your spam or junk folder. New products are posted to Golden Rule Enterprises or Anything Anywhere weekly. If at any time you want to stop receiving these emails send that request in a message via our Contact page.

Part 2. Business Practices

Ways we do things around here.


Whenever feasible we reuse packaging. If we grow to the point that this kind of artisanal recycling costs money rather than saves it we will reconsider of course. You may find clean, reused bubble wrap, etc. in your parcel. DURING THE COVID EMERGENCY THIS POLICY IS SUSPENDED AND ONLY NEW PACKAGING WILL BE USED.

Coin Holders

Whenever feasible we leave the coin in the holder it came in. Historical record. Saves time.


We (all) make mistakes. We always try to fix them, and in turn fix our procedures so we don’t make them again.

Broad categories of mistakes we have made

There are 2 broad categories of mistakes that we know have been made in the past (and will most likely occasionally be made again): Errors of Description and Errors of Fulfillment

Errors of Description

This includes items that have been mis-described, mis-graded, and mis-priced, etc.

MIS-DESCRIBED and MIS-GRADED items: We reserve the right to change product descriptions without notice. If you order something and we notice that it has been mis-described before we send it to you, we will tell you before shipping your order (and give you an opportunity to change your mind).

MIS-PRICED ITEMS: We reserve the right to change prices at any time before the shipping of the item. This includes if you already paid for it. Example: big gold coin, should have been $1400.00, we listed it at $400.00. If we catch it after you bought and paid for it at $400.00 we will get in touch and describe the situation, you will decide if you want to pay the difference or get a refund. If we’ve shipped it already we’ll let it go.

Errors of fulfillment

This includes situations in which we sent the wrong thing, didn’t send it at all, sent to the wrong address, etc.

SENT WRONG THING or DIDN’T SEND SOMETHING – send us an email about it, we’ll fix it.

SENT THINGS TO WRONG ADDRESS – a more complicated situation. We’ll either get it straightened out or we’ll give you a refund. Contact us via our Contact page to begin this process.


The general advice is that pictures are not what the things actually look like. Of course we clean the photos up and make them look nicer, but the original pictures were taken with a machine, the lighting was a certain way that you will never experience personally, they will look different when they’re there in front of you. We do not hide the imperfections of the things we sell, the opposite actually, we like to show you the defects. Everything is covered by the “Send It Back If You Don’t Like It” guarantee anyway. We are trying to show you “honest” pictures.