How to Sell or Consign with Us

What are your coins worth?

There are two kinds of owners of coins:

1. You know pretty much what you have and what its worth.  A subcategory of owners is you think its worth what it used to be worth, and that might or might not be true in either direction.

2. You don’t know what you have.  A subcategory of owners has gone online for a few minutes and managed to get a wildly inaccurate idea of the value of your things.  How do people get to think that a 1961 Franklin half dollar could be worth $2000? But they have, several of them, laughed when told we’d pay them $5.00 or whatever it was then.

How to Sell your coins to Us

If you have things to sell we need to talk about it either by voice, or, preferably, by email, so there is a record of the negotiation.  Pictures are always a good idea. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to contact Bob directly regarding consignment and selling.

When do you get your money?

We do not pay in advance.  We pay only on receipt.  You have to send the stuff to us before we pay you.  Any prices we mention from descriptions or pictures are preliminary estimates, not formal offers.

What happens when you send your items to us?

When we receive the stuff we will send you a confirming email with a picture or pictures of the package and contents within 24 hours of receipt.  The email will give an estimate of the time it will take us to work up your package.  Then we’ll do the work and give you a proposal.

The proposal will generally follow this format:
1. Things worth less than $100 each we generally like to make a purchase offer on.  We pay by check or paypal. 

2. The more expensive things, maybe we would want to talk about consignment, which is a 90 day, 20% commission deal, renewable, that you can ask about if you want.

3. Every now and then an item comes to me that has to go in a fancy auction. Items worth several thousand dollars.  I will do that for you.  There are fees and expenses.  Ask me.

For more information regarding consignment terms, please see our Consignment Terms page by using the following link: Golden Rule Enterprises Consignment Terms

How to ship items to us

Send the discussed items after we have an email thread that includes us telling you its OK to send us something. We are not responsible for your stuff if there is no email authorization.

If you decide to send things to us for offer we can offer advice on best and cheapest shipping methods.  You will pay the shipping cost to get them to us. If you reject the offer we will usually pay up to $3.00 of return shipping costs.  You will pay the rest.  We’ll send you a bill for the return shipping cost, will send package after payment has been made.

Please contact us to get started with consignment and selling!