Who We Are

Welcome to Golden Rule Enterprises.

This is concepted to be a new type of eCommerce enterprise that considers itself to be operating according to the golden rule:

Everyone Wins

No One Loses

Golden Rule Enterprises is an evolution of Anything Anywhere, a coin and collectibles business in operation since 1978. We trade in numismatics, etc., and we have other irons in the fire, some of which might be presented on this website, and if not, you’re welcome to ask.

Human/Digital Controls and Interactions

Everything in this business is checked by humans.  We built the website, maintain it ourselves, fill all the orders, answer all the queries, etc. You know, everything. You will be able to reach a human.


Please get in touch via our Contact page. You can try sending messages and emails in any language.  We have some personal facility in French, Spanish, German, Italian, and other Romance and Germanic languages, the others we’ll run them through translate.google.com.  If you run your message through that app into English and then back into your language you might get an idea of what I’ll be reading.  Google translate is much better in 2019 than it was in 2014.

Ethical and other Human Interactions

We are also active in the investigation of ways to make things work in organized activity, ways to define “happiness” that are attainable, what “clear thinking” means, ways to define “success” that do not involve someone losing, and we think we’ve gathered enough information to offer consulting services in those fields.

We will strive to not take advantage of your ignorance. We will keep working on transactions until everyone is happy or it becomes obvious that the proposal won’t work.

Goldenruleenterprises.org is meant to be a laboratory for the further development of ethical foundations in the conduct of commerce.

A Detail

We have a policy of minimizing packaging, so you may encounter reused-but-clean bubblewrap, etc. in your parcel. We also leave coins in the holders they came in, a possible historical record, maybe you get to see what someone thought it was worth in the past. Of course if the holder has pvc or is otherwise potentially damaging we fix that.


Two people are currently running Golden Rule Enterprises. Bob Reis, buys and sells the collectibles, writes, does research, consults, has been at it for 40 years or so. Kate Bopp builds websites, creates music and visual art, does research, and consults. Kate’s been doing art for 30 years, has been building websites since 2018, started out with “what’s HTML?” I (Bob) have never encountered such a quick learner.