CAMPANIA, NEAPOLIS, silver didrachm, c. 450-340 BC


CAMPANIA, NEAPOLIS, didrachm, no date (c. 450-340 BC), Obverse: Nymph head R, dolphins around, Reverse: man-headed bull R, Nike above, ΝΕΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ in exergue, silver, 20mm, 7.13g, SG300, aVF

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The obverse type of dolphins swimming around head of Nymph is obviously derived from the famous type of Syracuse in Sicily.

Campania is the south-central western coast of Italy and it’s hinterland, the “shin” of the boot, as it were. Humans were living there during the Lower Paleolithic period. The Romans called it Campania Felix, the land was so nice for agriculture. Colonized by Greeks in the late Bronze Age.