CHINA, 1 cash, ZHI HE YUAN BAO,1054-55 AD


CHINA, NORTHERN SONG Dynasty, 960-1127 AD, 1 cash, no date (1054-55 AD), Obverse: ZHI HE YUAN BAO, orthodox script, medium characters, Reverse: inner and outer rims, bronze, 23mm, 2.9g, unusual calligraphy, H16.135, S511, VG

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Song Renzong reigned from 1022 to 1063, the longest reign of the Song dynasty. He came to the throne as a child. Song was at its height of power and prosperity, and adopted a policy of pacific appeasement. The Tanguts to the north had a more belligerant idea of how things could be done, and pulled off recognition as a rival Empire with a regime of mutual “gifting.” Song bought off other northern kingdoms too. It got expensive, taxes were raised. Rebellions developed. Things got worse. Renzong was considered a nice guy though, and remained popular until his death. It didn’t matter what people though, though. He was the Emperor. Did whatever he wanted to do.