CHINA HAN Dynasty parasol spoke cap circa 200 BC-200 AD


CHINA, HAN Dynasty, parasol spoke cap chang gao, circa 200 BC-200 AD, a tube with a thick, flat terminal, a hook for the fabric, and nail holes for attachment to the wooden spoke, bronze, 62mm, 17.7g, more robust than usual, bit of ancient wood inside, crust, pits, chip on hook, VF

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China is like the world: it has everything in it. The current evidence shows that there were people “everywhere” by about 12,000 years ago. In China they started writing stuff down about 5000 years ago, roughly the same time as Egypt and Sumer. The Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations are gone, but China is still here.

Over the decades I’ve been selling collectibles my market has been about 97% coins, 2% paper money, 1% everything else.