GERMANY Allied Occupation 100 mark 1944


GERMANY, Allied Occupation, 100 mark, 1944, Face: F, 9 digit serial number, P197a, small edge tear, VF

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The “F” secret mark is found in the frame decoration on the right side of the face. It refers to the Forbes Company printing plant. If the note lacks the F it was made by the Soviets.

There was no German economy to speak of after World War II. The occupying authorities stepped into the gap with their “Allied Military Currency.”

Aside from China, other governments started using circulating “banknotes” starting in the 17th century AD. The practice became general in the 19th century. In the 20th century value of paper money in circulation far surpassed the value of coinage. In the 21st century paper money is fading and credit transactions are growing.

Paper money, meaning the promise of a government to pay a set amount, and the paper promise allowed to circulate at will, was probably first used in China in the 12th century AD. At that time the merchants and governments of Europe were just writing letters to each other about what they owed.