PHOENICIA, BERYTOS, 1st c. AD, bronze


PHOENICIA, BERYTOS, minor, 1st c. AD, Obverse: Nike standing R, Reverse: lituus between C – B, bronze, 12mm, 1.07g, SNG Cop-90v, ragged edge, aF/F+

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Berytos is modern Beirut, which was a minor port city in ancient times. “Nike” is the Greek word for the personification of Victory.

Aside from giving us the alphabet for our written records, the Phoenicians had some noteworthy cultural aspects: a preference for trade over war, and a long term enthusiasm for human sacrifice, which they did a lot of until the Romans prohibited the activity. One could say that the Romans, with their bloody games, merely secularized the practice of public murder, but part of the Roman genius was the separation of entertainment from religious observance. The Phoenicians really liked child sacrifice, which was kind of different.

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