THRACE, PANTIKAPION, bronze minor, 4th-3rd century BC


THRACE, PANTIKAPION, minor, no date (4th-3rd century BC), Obverse: head of Pan L, Reverse: bow & arrow, ΠΑΝ, bronze, 12mm1.3g, SG-nl, Anokhin-133, F/G

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Thrace is the land between the Balkan mountains and the Black Sea from northern Greece to southern Bulgaria and European Turkey. The ancient Thracians are thought to have been indigenous, meaning, I suppose, that they were there at least as far back as the neolithic period, before the invention of history. The ancient and extinct Thracian language is “generally agreed” to be Indo-European, which is supposed to mean that they came from somewhere else. During the early coin period the coins of Thrace were mostly made by Greek colonists.